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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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shut down part of highway 50. jay korff is live with where things stand now. jay? jay: literally within the last few seconds i got an update from fairfax county police spokes pep. -- spokesperson. the t.d. bank on the other side of 50. the robot was doing its job for the last 20 to 30 american. -- 20 to 30 minutes and completed the task and they decided to open 50 in both directions. we asked if the concern was over but they said not yet. the bomb squad folks want to do testing on what they found inside the back pack. to back up, this started around 3:30. authorities say a man, a white male in his 50's, six-feet tall, thin, gray hair and a ponytail went in the bank with the back pack. claimed there was an explosive inside. fled with the money and dropped the backpack outside the t.d. bank causing the big problem. they had to eva
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down 50. only as you can see now, at least they are not so concerned that they wouldn't allow traffic back in. traffic is back flowing. that is good news. we will of course stay here on the scene until the story is finalized. reporting live, jay korff, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jay. calling her actions careless but not criminal the f.b.i. is not recommending any criminal charges against hillary clinton. the ongoing investigation into her e-mail server had been hanging over her presidential campaign. leon: the f.b.i.'s decision isn't stopping the criticism. our chief political correspondent scott thuman is here with the political fallout. >> you are right about that. concerning and careless, that is how the f.b.i. described clinton's e-mail practices but not qualifying as control. no doubt hillary clinton got a scathing rebuke today. but getting one from the f.b.i. director instead of a judge the big difference. >> although there is
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statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case. >> just like that a huge sigh of relief for hillary clinton and democrats worried an indictment over her e-mails would doom her white house bid. the f.b.i. director james comey clarified not worthy of criminal prosecution there was careless wrongdoing. that more than 100 were classified when sent and there were vulnerabilities. >> hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom secretary clinton was in regular contact from her personal account. >> clinton campaigning for the first time today with president obama. contradicting and passionate fallout on capitol hill. >> her blatant disregard for best practices. her disregard for keeping federal records. shows she is unfit to lead any department l
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president of the united states. >> we'll talk about it until the cows come home. from the pasture. that is when it will be conversation. >> there is no question now this has concluded. she has acknowledged if she had to do it she would not do it again. >> from donald trump, tweeting -- the final decision rests with attorney general loretta lynch but she stated last week she would follow the f.b.i.'s recommendation. most likely ending any chances that clinton would be charged. maureen: thank you, scott. today announcement did nothing to alter president obama and hillary clinton's campaign event together. in fact, the decision was not mentioned during a stop in north carolina. our abc instapoll asks you will it affect the way you vote in november?
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professor jeremy player says the announcement reinforces people's existing opinions. however -- >> i don't think it will change anyone's mind abbottabad hillary clinton's clinton -- about the fact that the f.b.i. director said she was careless with the e-mail. maureen: they point out f.b.i. director james comey is an appointee of president bush. they call it another win for democrats. weigh in on the subject by going to leon: the f.b.i. investigation called into question the culture of security at the state department. director comey called it lacking. the state department was quick to fire back. >> we don't share that assessment of the institution. that said, i said this many times before. we are looking for ways to improve. leon: 2014 audit found the state department cyber security was poor. much of that changed, though, after russian hackers
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infiltrated unclassified e-mail servers the same year after clinton left office. maureen: in the past two hours we learned of two significant decisions affecting local commuters. the first is a $90 million federal grant for repairs to the memorial bridge. a third of the funds needed to replace the aging span. virginia won $165 million grant for governor terry mcauliffe's transportation proposal. that includes increased rail service and extension of the i-95 express lanes from stafford to fredericksburg. leon: still ahead at 6:00 -- more delays for metro. the latest lines affected and why this time around it will affect more than the metro riders and commuters. >> why is broadcast of last night's fireworks show on the national mall is creating controversy. >> the f.b.i. says he planned a fort hood style attack. how the agency foiled that
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was arrested -- sterling man was arrested up next. maureen: "7 on your side" is helping get answers to the questions about your pets. call 703-236-9220. right now. to ask the animal trainer. we'll be right back. doug: get ready for big numbers. a lot of 90's in the seven-day forecast. we share it with you up next at "
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leon: new tonight we are learning a potential fort hood style terror attack thwarted in virginia. maureen: a potential national guardsman who was in con about the with isis is now in jail. horace holmes joins us from the federal courthouse in alexandria. how did the f.b.i. uncover the plot? horace: good police work. a tip from a foreign informant . mohamed jalloh stood quietly next to his lawyer in court today. the 27-year-old former u.s. national guard officer born in sierra leone but a naturalized american citizen who lived in sterling, virginia. the f.b.i. says its investigation reveals that jalloh quit the guard after listening to clerics anwar al-awlaki and agents were informed by an overseas source that jalloh was looking for help from isis in carrying out what he called a fort hood type attack on military personnel in the united
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they say jalloh tried twice to purchase ar-style rifle at a gun store. he did not have proper paperwork but he came back and tested the gun at the store's range and purchased it. the f.b.i. arrested him at his home in sterling sunday. what jalloh did not know is the f.b.i. was watching him while he was at the chantilly gun store and they had disabled the gun he purchased before he was able to buy it. he will be in court next tuesday. horace holmes, abc7 news. leon: coming up here at 6:00, why the latest surge in the metro safetrack plan could create delays for people two don't ride metro and aren't even commuting. maureen: first, the first real taste of summer. how long a heatwave will stay with us. when we could trade it for storms. erin: i'm erin hawksworth with sports. a pair of nats were honored
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but only one will be immortalized chia style. the latest on the nats promotion that seems to be growing on people when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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maureen: tonight the "7 on your side" help center is answering your questions about your pets. right now can ask the animal trainer by calling 703-236-9220. we have animal experts from across the area ready to help you with your concerns about your dog or cat. and perhaps some other animals, too. phone lines are open until 6:30 tonight. police are looking for the two men who shot an ice cream truck drive in prince george's county. the drive was shot nine times in a robbery. and remains in critical condition. the shooting happened around 6:00 last night near buchanan street and kenilworth avenue in edmonston. friends say the victim works at comcast but sells ice cream to make extra money for his family. leon: new clues about the final terrifying moments of egypt air flight 804. information from cockpit voice recorde
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made to put out a fire before it plunged in the mediterranean. a fire was in the cockpit and avionics department. it crashed with 66 people on board. the transportation security administration is expanding tests designed to speed up airport lines and improve security. t.s.a. will begin using scanners for carry-on bags. c.t. scan rers already used to screen checked baggage. the agency says the scanners could cut the time travelers spend in line by 30%. maureen: we are hours away from metro's next big headache for commuters. this time the latest phase of safetrack focuses on traffic around reagan national airport. brianne carter lays out what it means for the rail riders and the drivers as well. brianne: along the yellow and blue lines between arlington and alexandria. new pieces of track line the
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maintenance surge. for the -- metro's third maintenance surge. for seven days crews will work around the clock to replace the decade old track from the bottom up. starting tonight train service will come to a halt between braddock road and the national airport metro station. >> it's an inconvenience. especially during business days. brianne: you will still be able to get to the airport using metro you will have to take a shuttle bus. even if you are not using metro but you are flying out of town expect extra congestion on the already busy airport road. if it impacts your daily commute pack extra time in the trip with the blue and the yellow line trains running only 12 to 15 minutes. metro is usualing any customer going downtown to -- urging any customer going downtown to use the shuttle going to pentagon station. not the one for the airport. reserve that for the airport customers only. the shuttle that goes around all of the work here for safetrack 3 will be m
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>> try to avoid it as much as possible. however i can get there is i'll take anything i can. brianne: some riders we spoke to today still hadn't heard about safetrack, others mapped out the route to avoid the trains altogether until this surge wraps up july 11. isin alexandria, brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: has a complete guide to safetrack. and remember you can get alerted to unscheduled delays on metro, too. just text the word "metro" to 43817. leon? leon: pbs is defending the decision to use file video of the broadcast "a capitol fourth." it was drizzly, and gray skies and low-hanging clouds and overcast conditions. that is what it looked like. here is what pbs aired.
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[music] that is not much of a difference, huh? very quickly, you notice there are no clouds blocking the view. you also may notice if you are among the eagle-eyed viewers out there, there is no scaffolding around the capitol dome. by the way, the scaffolding went up in 2014. so the video wasn't even from last year's show. pbs said, "it made the decision to intercut fireworks footage from previous a capitol fourth concerts for the best possible television viewing experience. we apologize." doug: my wife and i were watching at home. great program. i knew the low clouds. as soon as it started the clouds and i said this is not going to be a bright show. you won't be able to see. next i know i saw this. man! crazy. cleared out. maureen: technology clears up a lot of things including the weather. doug: i wish we could cool it off. we are just at the beginning of a long string of 90-degree days. today is
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91 this afternoon. started off kind of damp and drizzly with the temperatures in the 70's this morning. this time lapse we are going to share from the mclean school. i get this backward. this is the langely school in mclean. perhaps there is a mclean school in langely. i will check that out. low clouds this morning and voila, the sun comes out and heats out and dries up the rain. we are off and running on a string of summer days around the nation's capital. 791 -- 91. yesterday was 73 for a high. 88 is average. the temperatures will go up. here is what it feels like across the area. combine the air temperature. dew point to give you accurate reading of what it feels like. it feels like 95 in washington. 98 in fredericksburg. 94 at andrews. 93 in annapolis. 94 over the mid-shore in easton. now we are watching thunderstorms to develop. we expect the activity south of washington. we believe it will continue through
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we cannot rule out isolated shower. this stuff the heavy downpours and thunderstorms coming across from the virginia side of the river. dumfri to stafford. somehowers to golden beach and st. mary's county. tomorrow another chance of isolated showers. once again according to the computer modeling the best chance of the afternoon showers or the storms will be south of the metro area. isolated chances elsewhere. get to thursday, the same drill. it will stay calm every day are the temperatures getting warmer and warmer. looking for a high of 91 tomorrow. 93 on thursday. 95 on friday and saturday. each afternoon some scattered to the isolated showers and the thunderstorms. maybe enough to cool you off. especially with the temperatures. i will feel 100 degrees or so several days. finally we get a break on sunday. monday and tuesday. break in the humidity. the temperatures are in the upper 80's. then 90 tuesday. probably back into the 9
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i want to reminded you a big celebration. alexandria's birthday celebrated at the park on saturday. starting at 50:00 p.m. fireworks there at 9:30. there is a chance of isolated shower or storm but we hope by evening it will settle down nicely. back to you. leon: all right. you mention something they are doing with bryce. i have to see. erin: 20,000 fans get a special treat. if you wondered what bryce harper would look like as a chia pet. have no fear. we will show you. latest on the nationals promotion that keeps growing and growing. you get the point. leon: the beard or hair? "ow..." "are you okay?" "yeah, i just got charged for my credit monitoring. that's how i know it"s working." "ah. you know you can go on and check it out there. it's completely free." "really?" "yeah"
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erin: after a monster week, it's no surprise that espinoza was named the national league player of the week. he hit .423 with two doubles, five home runs and 17 r.b.i. and eight runs. >> to know you are helping the team. they aren't pointless runs or pointless home runs. it's helpin
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games or extend leads or give leads. to me it feels better than hitting a home run down by eight or ten. erin: i want the week he has had. have you ever wanted to outdue bryce harper? i mean hairdo. you will get a chance that the fans will receive a bryce harper chia pet. that guy is awesome. this is growing on me. i like his hair. why did we interview him? mid-season for d.c. united. 17 down and 17 to go. they have five wins, six defeat and six degrees. one player that has come up clutch was in the goal friday night and helped the team to a 1-1 draw with real
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>> taking pressure and heat but we kept up the pressure and we got the lead. that will help us continue to push forward when we don't have the best game and continue to try to get results. erin: vienna did something today -- venus williams did something she hasn't done in a while. she advanced to the wimbledon semi-finals for the first time in six years. a chance of an all williams wimbledon final is still alive. serena also advanced to the semis today. that will be fun. i love when the sisters play each other. leon: network likes it, too. maureen: what the latest? doug: hot stuff for the next few days. temperatures. steve is in at 11:00 with the heat index value of 100 or higher. maureen: ouch! get ready for that. "world news tonight"
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tonight, the fbi decision that could have derailed a campaign. the fbi director's scathing words, calling hillary clinton's e-mail extremely careless. but did she dodge a bullet? no criminal charges recommended, and just hours later, the president by her side. tonight, donald trump calling it rigged. the american student murdered. his bodice covered in a river in rome. and what we've just learned tonight. bracing for severe storms at this hour, from minnesota to the east coast. the tornado into a walmart. and the desperate search for an officer, swept away. new developments on the passenger fligh that vanished from radar. was the crew battling a fire onboard? and a consumer alert tonight. what are thieves now attaching to some cars without you even


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